Code Abstractions

Web Drawing 1.0

by Huang Suhuai


Web Drawing 1.0” is an instruction-based digital artwork which is generated by codes. Inspired by Sol-Lewitt’s Wall Drawings, the artist attempted to create an "open work” to allow the participants to get different results according to their operations. Each shape runs on a random trajectory respectively, to form a different vision at any specific moment.

Follow this link to a fullscreen version of this project.

This project is a response to a text titled Beyond Code by Casey Reas from 2007. Reas is best known for being one of the creators of the Processing programming language. He mentioned about the concept of “open work” in his writing — “a work of art defined as structural relationships between elements that can be modulated to make a series of distinct works.”

Suhuai understands codes as an open work, too. Just like all other languages, in her opinion, codes do not fully control but manipulate the outcomes implicitly.


Huang Suhuai is a visual artist who was born in China and lives in Singapore. She often explores conceptual themes in her practice includes drawing, sculpture, video, installation work. Her works are also responsive to different social issues. Besides, she is also into literature and theatre. click on this link to see her artist portfolio.


I always think that digital art is probably the most current form of art. This has been the reason I chose this module even though I was not familiar with it. In this process, the most interesting thing to me is that we start with the reading materials in a relatively familiar language before using those familiar alphabets to compile a new expression – a computer language. This transcoding process is a complex and multiple one. Firstly, we transcoded what we have read into a concept, and then transcoded the concept into codes, before the software expressing it through a visual language. This process of multiple transcoding which reflects the complexity of our current society, is probably the true fascination of the digital art.


I was no stranger to codes but it always makes me feel out of reach. It was not until I took this course that codes have been further embodied as a new language to me. When I am able to use it for simple communication, I feel I have made another step forward to understand the world of code-switching.

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Code Abstractions